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Theologian-Psychologist Dan Montgomery holds advanced degrees integrating psychology, theology, and philosophy. With over 40,000 hours of counseling experience, he holds dual licensure as both a California Psychologist, and Marriage and Family Therapist.
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Montgomery Bio


CA Licensed Psychologist and TX Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Dan Montgomery has over  40,000 hours of counseling sessions under his belt. This assures a World Class level of competence in hid Treatment Strategy, whether in Individual, Couple, or Family Therapy.


As a Professor of Psychology and Counseling, he has prepared Masters and Doctoral students at Pepperdine University, Southern California College, and United States International University.


Dr. Montgomery has a passionate for helping people out of tough situations in the direction of peace, joy, and love. He brings actions techniques and positive psychology to increase a person’s self-understanding and zest for living, no matter how difficult the problems are. Because of his vast clinical experience, he often achieves in three months what lesser experienced therapists can do in one year. For this and other reasons, his private practice is praised by Mental Health Professionals at Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Notre Dame, and Fuller Theological Seminary.


At last thing that makes Dr. Dan unique in the field is that he believes in relaxing and having fun while stopping the pain of chaos and confusion. He is noted for bringing laughter and a warm interpersonal climate to each counseling session!


Call him today for a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION, after which you can schedule a first working session if you so desire.


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